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Recurring payments is a solution that we offer to businesses that have ongoing payments or subscriptions on a regular basis – daily, monthly or yearly and where the customer doesn’t need to be present to make the payment.  We let you to choose the frequency of payment, include any discounts and the length of the automatic payment collection.

This solution is ideal for credit card payments and for subscriptions, memberships, schools, donations and more.

If you payed for a product or service on a website that is integrated with the PayU payment system, you can find the status of your transaction using the Consult My Transaction form on the Consumer page.

It is possible that a communication problem with the financial entities has occurred and the transaction is in a pending or error status, despite the fact the money has been deducted.

Please send a copy of your statement showing the amount was deducted to sac [at] to make the adjustment in our system and request that the financial entity maes the change.
The refund of the money can take as long as 30 business days, depending of the payment method that you used.

The signature is a variable used to validate payments made through the platform, ensuring their authenticity. It is a character string, to which the MD5 or SHA algorithm is applied to encrypt it. The chain is composed as follows: 


For more information visit our developers site.

With PayU, you can create two types of reports of your sales.

  1. To create a report of your sales including movements or account balance and statementof the transactions (including commissions and fees charged by PayU), enter the Administrative Module and select the “accounts” tab and the option “statement”.
  2. To generate reports of all the transactions you have received, enter the Administrative Module and select the “reports” tab. Then select the option of “transactions” and select the time frame you want to include in your report.

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